Friday, September 24, 2010

Reflection - Prototype Arthur Lee

1. What are the difficulties that you have encountered during the process?
I have encountered a few difficulties along the way, such as finding certain ways where qualitative and quantitative research applies to the design consideration like when we want to measure effort, it will be rather difficult to find the device for measuring. For my product, I have encountered some difficulties with the sliding mechanics of my wheelchair table. 2. How do you overcome the difficulties encountered?
I overcame the design consideration problem by saying the unknown device and I found out that effort is measured by newtons so it will not be much of a problem. As for the mechanics for the sliding, I can research on the chairs that have tablet arms that use the same mechanism for the basis of the mechanics.3. What are the 2 key takeaways for this lesson? I have learnt about qualitative and quantitative research, which can be applied using questionares and measuring respectively.I also learnt how to apply concepts learnt today to my product